DVD: Dating DVD for Relationship/Dating Advice

DVD: Dating DVD for Relationship/Dating Advice

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DVD: Dating DVD for Relationship/Dating Advice

Getting into relationships, maintaining them and carrying them forward the way you want is not a mystery anymore. Experts have developed a wide range of material that can help a great deal. Relationship dating advice can range from finding one’s ideal partner to improving one’s sex life. Relationship advice services can be found all over the internet and now the most famous trainers and gurus are distributing their programs on DVDs, which can be ordered online. For finding the right partner, maintaining a healthy relationship, building a rapport with the opposite gender, spicing up one’s sex life, well researched advice is available in DVD format. Before seeking advice one should know what one is really looking for. Following is some insight into the dating DVD market that can guide the reader to buy a product that would give goal oriented relationship dating advice.

David DeAngelo, Neil Straus, Robert Belland and Rosh V are some well-known names among dating DVD authors. Advice on their DVDs ranges from casual pickup, making connection with the beautiful women, relationship management to having the most exciting sex life. Dr. Tony Alessandra’s DVDs teach rapport strategies. David DeAngelo and Neil Straus have a mission to make you a chic magnet. Advice is available that help you to find a perfect date and to maintain a healthy committed relationship. Whatever is the reader’s preference whether it is a casual hookup or a monogamous long term relationship; there is relationship dating advice ready for you to be shipped on your doorstep in DVD format.

Price tag of a dating DVD can range from cheap ($20 – 40) to expensive ($100-$300+), depending on the content, exclusivity and mystery involved in it. Usually it’s a set of 2 to 10 DVDs accompanied with eBooks and some bonus material. Another important factor is the source you buy it from. Website vendors like Amazon and some specialized relationship dating advice websites like harmingrogue.com and rightrelationshipstv.com have discount offers that can cut the price down. At Amazon you can buy Mastery with Women & Dating DVD Program by David DeAngelo at $250, the retail price is $347. Amazon 3rd party sellers market used DVDs that are as good as new. This way reader gets the desired content at a cheaper price. Rightrelationshiptv.com is marketing two series; Secrets to Right Relationships Revealed and Overcoming High Chemistry Relationships at a decent price of $19.90 each. Charmingrogue.com is selling Nick Savoy’s Love Systems Relationship Management DVD Series. The Platinum Rule Relationship Building DVD with Tony Alessandra can be bought at successtelevision.biz at $79.95. Gottman.com provides discounted rates on DVD WORKSHOP, BOOKS & LECTURES relating to the Art & Science of Love. Above mentioned Nick Savoy’s love systems DVDs can be bought from relationshipdvd.com at a reduced price of $199. Growthgroups.com is a website where DVD content relating anger management in relationships is available at special online price of $59.95 where the actual retail price is $149.

The makers of these DVDs are experts who have researched and practiced these techniques over time. They can be certified counselors, psychologists or institutes who hold programs to help people build these skills in a group setting. They can be people who have gathered insight from their personal experiences and the way they got back on track and solved their problems, they share their secret with the world. Many of them apply Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and others are psychologists who apply their insight of human mind and behavior to make relationships work. For example the famous David DeAnglo followed the teachings of Ross Jeffries whose “Speed Seduction” school was based on Neuro Linguistic Programming. DeAngelo then shared his successful techniques with the public. Dr. Pfeiffer, maker of Anger Management in Relationship series is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. These trainers give the user of the program an objective analysis and perspective of the situation. 

It is always a good idea to read the reviews about the DVDs you want to purchase. You will get a fair idea about its content and the reviewers will tell you how the material has been presented and how has it helped them. One has to be sure before buying the product whether it’s going to be cost effective and fulfilling. Review of any DVD dating content can be found easily over the Internet. Datingskillsreview.com is a site where wide range of DVD dating stuff can be searched. It not only gives its editor’s rating but also provides an average user rating. You can compare prices and content of the package here. Users can write their own reviews as well. 

DVD dating content is not limited to DVDs; users are also provided with books or eBooks and online access is also provided most of the times. These add-ons help users to track their progress through the program and handy information is available to the in written form as well. 

Relationship and dating advice have become a big industry. It is important for the end user to have the right product from the right place at the right price. A diverse range of aspects of dating and relationships are covered in a wide variety of DVD programs; the user has a tendency to get confused and lost in the sea of information. The above sets a guideline for the user to get what is required and to pay the right price for it.

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