How to Find the Best Dating Advice Online

Find the Best Dating Advice Online

Posted 05.24.2012 in Articles by Caitlin

The Internet today allows for all kinds of dating advice to be found online. People can get advice from how to find dates, what to wear on dates, how to get rid of a bad date, how to get a second date and anything else that they need to know about dating. This advice comes in the forms of forum posts, chat conversations, professional advice, articles, blogs, podcasts and even social networking posts. The Internet even provides ways to find traditional forms of dating advice online. There are ways to purchase books on the topic, find local relationship counselors and find local support groups. 

A lot of dating advice comes from people who are not professionals, but just have experience and insight into the dating world. That is what most dating blogs are all about. They are written by people who want to share what they know and help others. It is also possible to find good advice in the comments sections of blog posts and articles. People looking for advice that is more well informed can turn to articles by professional counselors in their blogs and online publications. People who want to get some advice from someone they can interact with can get counseling in person, on the phone, or over skype or another internet-voice chat system from one of these counserlors.  For informal advice, go to forums and talk to members who might have the answer to whatever problem sent the new member to the internet. 

Those looking for dating advice can find dating advice online covering virtually all relationship topics. It does not matter if the relationship is a day old, has not started yet or has been on for 40 years, the Internet has something pertaining to these relationships. When searching for advice, be specific about the aspects of the relationship that are important. This will help a search engine turn up the most relevant forum, blog and article results. 

There is a load of different dating issues for which a person might turn to the internet. It is easy to find dating advice online on how to meet someone new. Nearly all adults find themselves in that situation at one point or another and people talk about it. Other dating advice online includes how to spark a flame in a relationship, how to take it to a physical level, how to maintain a commitment, how to know if a loved one is cheating, tips on moving in together, how to plan a wedding and preparing for children. In today's Internet, no topic is taboo, so people in what would be considered alternative relationships should not worry that their searches will turn up nothing. There are whole communities of people with alternative romantic lifestyles online. 

One of the best tips for finding the right advice online is to know what keywords to search before beginning. For example, advice on dealing with a breakup would likely require keywords like coping and breakup. Other keywords to consider are professional, group, support, forum and article. This will help the search engine find the type of advice a user needs on the right topic. Otherwise, advice seekers may find themselves sifting through pages of advice from the wrong sources. 

Some people prefer not to get their advice from just anyone. They may want to take it from an author who was at least professional enough to be published in print. They may prefer to get it from someone who is being casual and open, like a blogger. They may prefer one-on-one advice from a relationship professional or just a random stranger online. That is how one can break up the types of advice to be found on the internet. There are mediums like DVDs and books that are produced by businesses or publishers. Then, there are online environments where the advice comes from a more casual place. 

Even people who are looking for professional advice of the one-on-one variety can look for advice online. Some licensed psychiatrists and therapists offer their assistance in online platforms. They may operate through email, chat or even help groups in forums. These professionals can often even direct individuals to peer support groups that lend advice, listening ears and sometimes just someone to talk to without worrying about judgment. 

In some scenarios, a website is geared toward a specific gender or sexual orientation. This can help people who are not comfortable talking to members who are not in their peer groups chat about their issues without making them worse. Individuals searching for such an environment can search keywords that are specific to their needs. There are even some that allow members to get advice directly from groups in which they would choose to date. For example, a straight man can get advice from straight women in his age range so that he is learning what his potential significant others will expect from him. 

Some online dating advice comes from dating advisers who can set individuals up with extra tools. They offer workshops to help people get over their dating woes. They offer seminars that can help teach attendees new tricks to successful dating, how to stop making the same dating mistakes and how to play to their own strengths in a dating environment. There are even bootcamps that can help daters with a more comprehensive, hands-on approach to dating knowledge. 

While there are a number of places online to seek the best dating advice, there are also many that deliver terrible dating advice. It is good to be discerning about what advice to take. Look for forums with big, friendly communities. Avoid blogs with few readers and no comments. Definitely avoid blogs that get a lot of comments on the advice being terrible. Look for relationship writers with credentials they are not afraid to share. These writers will often have profiles that explain their education and professional backgrounds. That is not to say that a person without a background in professional relationship advice is not going to give the best dating advice, but more that trusting just anyone is foolish when one of the most rewarding aspects of a person's life is the topic in question.

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