Love Forums: Talk to People in Relationship Advice Forums or Dating Forums

Love Forums: Talk to People in Relationship Advice Forums or Dating Forums

Posted 05.24.2012 in Articles by Caitlin

Internet forums are places where people can go online to chat with others either anonymously or personally. They can be chaotic situations where any topic of conversation goes or be restricted to talk about specific topics. They are not technically chat rooms, as multiple people can engage at different times and the conversations are typically saved so people can revisit them at their leisure. Love forums, dating forums and relationship advice forums are a popular type of Internet forum, especially now that so many people are looking for love online and widening their pools of potential dates. 

There are online forums for virtually any topic. Whether people are looking for advice, a place to chat, a place to share pictures or a place to find their life partners, a simple search online will turn up a place geared for just that. Love forums are one of the most common types of forums one can find online. Many of them were started by people who were looking for love forums, looking for dating forums or looking for relationship advice forums. Some were started by people who just knew that there were millions of people out there looking for ways to connect with others and looking for advice to send them in the right direction. 

Relationship forums are typically populated by people looking for advice, people looking for love and sometimes even experts on the topics pertaining to relationships. The forum may even be moderated by people with experience in the psychology of dating, such as counselors. Interestingly, many times people will go there just looking to talk to other singles or other people with relationship problems and wind up forming relationships, be they friendships or romantic relationships. That is one of the benefits of a site having the potential to reach the entire world. The people on it are only limited by who else joins the conversation. They are not limited by distance. 

Relationship advice forums are a great way to seek advice, as they give the seeker more people with which to talk. They also allow for anonymity that cannot be found in personal, offline interactions. Love forums offer a level of openness that one might not aim for when talking to a friend, relative or counselor face-to-face. They are also free, more often than not, which is nearly never the case with counseling. There are books and films that individuals can turn to, but those typically contain the advice of a single person or group, not the advice of multiple people from all lifestyles, as dating forums have. 

Joining a forum is simple. There is typically a join button on the home page of the forum. Clicking on the button will lead to a registration form. Most of the time, all the site requires is an email address, a username and a password. Some will ask for personal information, such as a real name and a telephone number, but it is easy enough to find valuable sites that do not ask for personal information, if one does not wish to give out such details. Any site that discusses adult relationships and is a legitimate site will ask for a birthday to register. This ensures that minors do not join the discussions. Once the username and password are registered with the site, all one has to do is login with them and start interacting with others on the site. 

There are few common etiquette rules that one might find on advice forums. Be sure to read the rules to see if it is customary to start an introduction thread before participating in other discussions. This allows other members to figure out who it is that is entering their discussions. There may also be rules about profanity, pornography, threats and other such potential posts. It is important to follow these rules or risk getting nothing out of the experience other than a ban from a decent forum.

A specific issue usually draws people to relationship advice forums. There are a few options to make sure that issue is addressed once the forum account is created. The forum will likely have a search option. Enter the keywords pertaining to the problem in the search form and see if it has already been addressed. If it has, read the threads that the search turns up and see if the answer is there. If not, join in one of the threads or start one. To start a thread, look through the forums sections. There will probably be one labeled with a header directing what threads should go there. For example, a "dating" section would be where one puts questions about dates or finding dates. 

Many times what happens in a forum can be a surprise even to its members. Sometimes, a forum meant for advice, not dating, winds up being the place where a couple meets and falls in love. They can become a place where one goes for years and keeps going long after their initial problem is solved. A person can learn things about themselves through the freedom of expression that most forums offer its members. He or she might find out that something seen as a personal flaw is actually something that others out there enjoy in a partner. There are countless stories out there about forums being the catalyst for a lifelong change. There are also countless stories of people reaching out in forums and meeting the loves of their lives. 

The interesting thing about dating forums is that they can be a place to make friends, a place to lend support, a place to be supported, a place to meet loved ones and so much more. They are a great place to just vent feelings and hear from people who have similar feelings or can help others cope with those feelings. Nonetheless, no forum is a substitute for a medical professional. Anyone who is dealing with something personal or disturbing and feels depressed or deeply affected should seek the help of a counselor, physician or psychiatrist. They can still participate in forums at the same time while getting professional help for the things that might need more than an ear to listen or advice from a layperson.

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