Relationship Workshops and Relationship Seminars

Relationship Workshops and Relationship Seminars

Posted 05.24.2012 in Articles by Caitlin

Relationship workshops and seminars are designed to help couples find more fulfillment in themselves and each other. In a seminar, participants have a relatively passive role. A relationship expert lectures and may also provide written supporting materials that can be reviewed at home. At the end of the presentation, attendees may ask questions, providing the only interactive portion of the process. A relationship workshop tends to be a more involved process in which attendees are active participants. Lecturing is kept to a minimum, and the overall focus of the workshop is on interactive exercises and role playing opportunities that allow participants to put their new knowledge into practice. 

Most seminars are held in major metropolitan areas in a conference center or the meeting room at a hotel. Participants may travel a great distance to attend. Alternatively, many couples are now attending seminars via the Internet. These seminars, typically referred to as webinars, may be broadcast over the Internet or available through Skype. Webinars can be quite convenient for people living in remote areas or who simply dislike traveling. Additionally, webinars provide flexibility as participants may log in to watch the presentation whenever their schedule allows. 

Because of the interactive nature of relationship workshops, these programs are typically not available on the Internet. Instead, participants must travel to the site of the workshop. Most often these are held at hotels or resorts. Occasionally, such workshops will be held at conference centers and multi-purpose facilities. Some of the more elaborate workshops are held at facilities specifically built for holding couples retreats and similar events. These facilities usually make for a particularly luxurious getaway that ably combines a vacation atmosphere with the perfect forum for improving relationships. 

Most relationship seminars and workshops are not all inclusive package deals. The price of attendance normally only includes the workshop itself and any supporting materials. Other expenses such as flights, hotels, meals and incidentals must be paid for by the participants. Each seminar works differently, so it is advisable to read the fine print to find out what the tuition cost covers and what components are the independent responsibility of the attendees.

In general, seminars are shorter in duration than workshops. Some seminars last only one afternoon or a single day. Occasionally, a seminar taking place over the course of two or three days can be found. The relatively passive nature of a seminar makes a multi-day format rather challenging for attendees unless the speaker is particularly dynamic. Although it is possible to find relationship workshops that are only one day, most of these intensive programs occur over a series of days. The majority of these last two or three days, with some longer programs extending to four or five. 

The length of the seminar or workshop goes a long way toward determining how much it costs. Seminars tend to be the less expensive option, and can often be attended by a couple for two or three hundred dollars. Workshops are frequently priced per couple, with a cost of $1,000 and up, though more affordable options can sometimes be found. Some seminars and workshops offer scholarships for attendees who could not otherwise afford to participate. Such scholarships are relatively rare, and many are established by past attendees whose lives were changed by their own workshop attendance. People interested in workshops who do not believe they can afford to attend should definitely look into the possibility of a scholarship.

People unfamiliar with workshops may feel a bit daunted at the prospect of spending several days with relative strangers discussing some of the most intimate aspects of their lives. The reality is far less intimidating. In fact, most facilitators at workshops make it their responsibility to preserve a sense of privacy and intimacy for the participants. Group discussions are typically a part of the program, but no one is forced to share. Activities that are unlikely to bring out highly personal topics may be engaged in with the larger group. Exercises that might lead to more intimate revelations are usually kept between the couple. Additionally, attendees can expect some interactive counseling, either while with the larger group or while the couple is on their own. Seminar attendees usually feel less intimated because of the lecture format. A question and answer session at the end is typically the extent of the interaction, making the seminar a more comfortable experience for reserved individuals. 

Workshops and seminars are ideal for couples in crisis and those who simply want to brush up on their relationship skills. Attendees learn how to foster greater intimacy and understanding in their relationship. They may also discover that it is possible to disagree without actually fighting. Constructive communication skills are often introduced and put into practice. Participants may even come to understand why they seem to have the same fights over the course of many years and learn to listen to their partner without making judgments. Above all, participants gain insights into their motivations and behaviors, along with gaining a deeper understanding of their spouse’s behavior. All of these skills work to strengthen the relationship, and help to sustain it over the coming years. 

Even couples who have shared many happy years may benefit from attending a seminar or workshop. A great many relationship seminars are offered both in person and in electronic formats. Their relatively brief nature and affordability can make them an appropriate introduction to attendance at a more intensive workshop. While workshops may cost more and require additional time, they offer valuable insights into why relationships function as they do and how to make any necessary adjustments to improve those relationships.

With so many relationship seminars and workshops from which to choose, it can be difficult to find the perfect one. Couples should begin their search by identifying the specific skills they would like to improve to help their relationship succeed. From there, it should be relatively easy to narrow down the choices to seminars and workshops that address these particular needs. 

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